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Foundation for Advancement of Innovations in Technology and Health, Bangladesh (faith Bangladesh) is a registered not-for profit organization based in Bangladesh.

faith Bangladesh  envisions a planet where all people living in resource-poor communities enjoying advancement of innovations.

Pursuant to its mission, faith Bangladesh supports innovative solutions including services, products, trainings and technologies, that improve the health and livelihood of people living in resource-poor communities in Bangladesh and beyond. The goal is to promote people’s access to appropriate and affordable means and technology.

Guided by its strategic plan, faith Bangladesh, consolidates evidence-based information on existing innovative solutions, collaborates with stakeholders, partners and donors to promote and adapt innovative solutions, conducts policy research and advocacy for a scalable model of innovative solutions, and builds capacity of resource-poor communities, stakeholders and partners.

Planned activities, includes among others:

  • Organize meetings/workshops/seminars/conferences/trainings to build and enhance partnership relationships with individuals, social entrepreneurs, companies/industries, non-profits, foundations, universities, UN Agencies/donors, policymakers, professionals and others in public and private sectors, that are working to promote people’s health and livelihoods;
  • Implement awareness programs (including trainings) on to create demands on affordable and appropriate technology/solutions/services/products based on the needs of the resource-poor communities at home and abroad;
  • Collect, compile and disseminate research data on innovative technologies/solutions/ products through appropriate media including electronics and print media (newsletters, briefs, booklets, leaflets, journals and bulletins) among various target groups including communities;
  • Implement pilot projects to promote understanding and impact of selected innovative solutions/products/technologies in resource-poor communities in Bangladesh and beyond;
  • Establish a Centre of Excellence to promote Research, Education & Training, Services & Solutions with Appropriate Technology;
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